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Here are just some of the reviews that Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction has received:

"Finally, here it is. The definitive, easy to use, book on Wheelwrighting. This 380 page text is sure to get several hundred North American Wheelwrights and wannabe wheelwrights downright goosebumpy. 230 photos and 147 drawings pack this spiral bound puppy with a hefty information punch. It’s all here and written from the perspective of doing the work today…. I like this book. It’s a great one. I’m keeping mine in the library for regular reference, you can’t borrow it. Get your own!" Small Farmer’s Journal, Winter 2003, Vol. 27, No. 1

"It’s not often that we see a truly definitive work produced dealing with horse drawn vehicles…. You can’t afford to not have this book in your reference library, especially if you are involved with horse drawn vehicles. Writing it is a lifetime achievement; reading it is similarly worthwhile."   The Driving Digest, January/February 2003

"This most recent book is a wonderful compilation of information that will be of immense help to the would-be wheelwright. Twelve well-written, clear, concise chapters guide the reader through the various steps in making a wheel…. This is a great book, and highly recommended!"  Carriage Journal, January 2003

"This extensive resource is presented in a clear and comprehensible format and covers everything you need to know about building or repairing wheels…. Chapters show you how to build carriage wheels, wagon wheels and, for historical re-enactors, cannon wheels of the Civil War era."  Rural Heritage, January 2003

"I think this book will answer a lot of questions for the novice wheelwright as well as sharing new ideas for the professional. It covers everything from start to finish as well as a good resource listing. We get calls all the time from interested builders and now we have a book to recommend to them." Doug Hansen, Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop, Letcher, SD December 2002

"This new arrival is a general reference book on a subject that was once a common job in many blacksmiths shops—the repair and replacement of wagon wheels. This is a large reference that includes detailed information on just about every aspect of wheel making and repair. Even if you never plan on building wheels, there’s information in this book you can’t seem to find anywhere else…. If you are into re-enacting or horses and have wondered about wheelwrighting, this would be a terrific source of basic information." 
Hammer’s Blow, 2002

"This is a well -written book, and covers the science of wheelwrighting from A to Z. It should be a very useful tool for the beginner, and will serve as an excellent reference book for those who are not necessarily new to the craft, but perhaps do not regularly get involved in all aspects of wheel repairs." The Buggy Builder’s Bulletin, November 2002

The book looks great!! An excellent job!! American Carriage Museum, December 2002


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